Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Behind the Camera: Power of Luxury

Location: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station
Event: Savoir Beds Photoshoot
Director: Mad Dillon, Savoir Beds Creative Director
Photographer: Dominic Blackmore

On a cold December morning the Savoir Beds delivery and creative teams entered the grand gates of the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. The occasion, the photography of three new bespoke Savoir beds.

Originally run by the London Hydraulic Power Company, the building, built in 1890, operated using steam and was later converted to use electricity. The magnificent industrial building was used to power machinery across London. Mad Dillon, Savoir Beds Creative Director, was inspired to use the features of the building’s heritance, pairing Savoir beds in all their bespoke luxury against the original hydraulic equipment and machinery.

Wapping Hydraulic Power Station

Lifestyle and interiors photographer, Dominic Blackmore, conveys the poignant juxtaposition between hard cold surfaces and machinery within the building and the bespoke comfort, finest upholstery and natural materials of Savoir Beds.

It may look like a rather unusual setting for a bed, however at Savoir Beds we believe in exploring the realms of something different, why do you want the same as everyone else? We believe that a truly quality product that is made on a completely bespoke basis, specifically for each client, is the power of luxury.

                                                        Savoir Creative Team                                              Mad Dillon, Creative Director  

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