Friday, 19 February 2016

In Bed With Heels

A model poses alongside Savoir's Leo bed 

On Valentine's Day, Savoir Soho were thrilled to play a part in shoe designer Chloe Gosselin's latest collection presentation in New York City. 

Savoir's Leo bed at the Chloe Gosselin NYFW presentation

In a fabulous pop-up event during NYFW, Nicole Fuller Interiors, a Savoir Beds design partner, created a beautiful floral 'bedroom' for the event at an upmarket art gallery in Chelsea.

Nicole selected Savoir's Leo design, in a cappuccino coloured leather, to act at the centre piece for the presentation. 

A model, 'In Bed With Heels'
Creating a sophisticated boudoir atmosphere, models were draped across the bed, and the hashtag #inbedwithheels was used throughout the exciting event! 

Savoir's Carole Vaudable poses along side Chloe Gosselin 

The wife of famous magician, David Copperfield, many of Chloe Gosselin's stunning shoe designs retail for over $1000, making this a very exclusive and high-end collaboration.

Chloe's fabulous new shoe collection

Thanks to Nicole Fuller for including us in her fantastic interior design creation, and congratulations to Chloe for her fabulous new collection! 

Image credit to @umindi360, @plandeville, @nicolefullerinteriors & @nypfashion.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Savoir Beds: A Timeline

Outside The Savoy in 1968

As a London-based heritage company, we are proud of our roots and our wonderful history! With so many wonderful clients and stories through the ages, we thought we would share the Savoir Beds story - starting in 1889...

Our story begins more than a century ago, when Richard D’Oyly Carte created his vision of extravagance, luxury and decadence. In 1889, the famous impresario opened The Savoy Hotel in London and with it unveiled the most innovative and glamorous place that anyone could wish to lay their head, offering accommodation for the many tourists, especially Americans, who have travelled to London to see the Savoy Operas.

In his quest for the best he had secured the services of César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier, the world’s leading hotel manager and chef respectively. No creature comfort had been spared. Guests, including royalty, marvelled at the en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, the electric lighting and the ‘luxurious ascending rooms’ – now more commonly known as lifts.

The original poster for The Savoy hotel 


During the 1900’s many famous guests graced The Savoy and enjoyed a sound night’s rest on a Savoy Bed.  These included Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, and famed American writer and comedian, Mark Twain.


During a hotel refit in 1905, it was felt that no bed on the market was able to offer the sumptuous sleep that The Savoy envisaged, so the prestigious upholsterer James Edwards Ltd was specially commissioned to create The Savoy Bed. This luxurious model, slumbered on by the rich and famous down the decades, is still made today as the Savoir No 2 bed, featuring the trademark Trellis ticking designed by Richard D’Oyly Carte’s wife, Lady D’Oyly Carte. With this creation, a bedroom classic is born.

The trellis designed by Lady D'Oyly Carte


By now, The Savoy was notorious for its namesake bed. With this in mind, D’Oyly Carte wanted to ensure that no other hotel was able to recreate the quality of sleep it had become famous for. In 1924, The Savoy acquired James Edwards Ltd and created ‘The Savoy Bedworks’ just off Drury Lane in the heart of London.

Labels from the Savoy Bedworks 

Throughout the 1930s, The Savoy was frequented by society’s crème de la crème. People flocked to the hotel, which was now known for its atmosphere as well as its design features. Guests in this era included, dancer Fred Astaire, film director, Alfred Hitchcock, comedy double act, Laurel & Hardy and Hollywood starlet, Katharine Hepburn.


Later on, the hotel hosted big names such as Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra, who would only perform in London if he had a room at The Savoy.


In 1997, The Savoy Bedworks was re-launched as Savoir Beds, but continued to produce the highest quality sleep system available, using the same skill and materials originally adopted by James Edwards Ltd.

The Savoir bedworks

We can now count a number of celebrities as followers, with a range of actors, entertainers and singers having invested in a sound Savoir sleep. In 1998, actress Emma Thompson spoke to the London Evening Standard about her first night sleeping on a Savoir bed, and said, “I’ve never had a sleepless night since”. Meanwhile, other celebrity Savoir owners include, Oprah, Daniel Radcliffe, Madonna, Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Dawn French.

Savoir Beds Paris showroom sign

Today, there are 13 Savoir showrooms internationally, in the UK, USA, China, Germany, France, Russia, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Alongside its international expansion, Savoir have also teamed up with numerous notable names in the design world, with many more collaborations on the horizon!

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