Friday, 22 January 2016

New Hong Kong Showroom!

The new show space

We're very excited to announce that Savoir have opened another concession in Asia, this time in the buzzing city of Hong Kong! Located in Ap Lei Chau, which is otherwise known as Aberdeen Island, the new show space is based in the area’s famous ‘Horizon Plaza’, which boasts 28 floors of high-end furniture and fashion stores.

The sparkling gold display shelves

The brand new dealership provides the perfect backdrop for our luxurious hand-crafted beds. Including the signature Savoir style touches, the space includes subtle hints of gold, contrasted with traditional craft displays.

The team at Savoir Beds Hong Kong

With six beautiful bed designs on show, the new 150 square metre space will be our 14th showroom
We are also set to announce another company-owned showroom early this year, so watch this space! 

The new Hong Kong store is now open for business, and will be managed by Kenny Kwok. Visit the new showroom at:

Savoir Beds
Shop 2 Horizon Plaza
G/F 2 Lee Wing Street
Ap Lei Chau
Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2836 6630

Friday, 15 January 2016

New Year - New Sleep Routine

You may well be finding it particularly hard to get out of bed, given the long Christmas break many of you enjoyed. However with January almost half way through, holiday season is sadly over and the year is off to a flying start. If you still haven't settled back in to a work/sleep schedule, check out our quick tips for a better sleep below:

Keep regular hours

Keep your biological clock in sync by going to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning — even on weekends.

Develop a sleep ritual

Doing the same things each night just before bed cues your body to settle down for the night.

Room temperature

The ideal bedroom temperature is 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. A room that’s too hot or too cold can disturb your sleep.

Avoid stimulants before bedtime

Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine, in the evening interferes with falling asleep and prevents deep sleep.

Unwind early in the evening

Try to deal with worries and distractions several hours before going to bed. Say "yes" to sleep even when you’re tempted to stay up late. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Exercise regularly but never before bedtime 

Regular exercise can help to relieve the day’s tension and make you sleep better. However, if you do it too close to bedtime increases in your adrenaline levels, heart rate, and body temperature may make it difficult to fall asleep

The right light

Light is one of our body’s most powerful time cues. The rising sun can stimulate the brain into wakefulness long before the alarm goes off. A dark room is the most conducive for sleep, day or night. 

Remove screens

The bright lights of mobile phone and tablet screens can make it difficult for your mind to switch off. We advise avoiding all electronic screens prior to bedtime - why not try reading a good book, which will help your mind relax ready for sleep. 

Do you have any tips for a better sleep? We'd love to hear them! Why not Tweet us your thoughts @SavoirBeds1905?

Friday, 8 January 2016

NEW: Luxury Tartan Dog Bed

We're very pleased to reveal our latest doggy bed design, this time in a stylish country-style tartan!

Adopting Savoir’s traditional dog bed silhouette, the new design features a warm colour way, and is finished with luxurious golden brass legs.

The stunning ‘Greyfriars’ 100% wool tartan used was created by the Grassmarket Community Project, where vulnerable people come to be part of a community and develop new skills which enable participants to develop to their full potential. Members who are part of Grassmarket Tartans learn a range of valuable textiles skills.

Modelled by Savoir’s office dog, Spooky, the bed features functional removable cushion covers, and is handcrafted using the same traditional methods employed for Savoir’s full-sized beds.

The dog bed will also support the charity, RAFT, (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust), which carries out medical research that helps people rebuild their lives and regain independence and dignity after major trauma.

The new tartan dog bed will retail at £995, and will be available to purchase at our Wigmore Street and Harrods showrooms.

Savoir will be donating 20% of each UK sale of this design between the Grassmarket Community Project and RAFT.