Monday, 30 June 2014


Wednesday 25th June 2014 was the official opening of the new Savoir Beds showroom in Dusseldorf, situated in the Stilwerk building.

Savoir Beds is one of 42 premium retailers in the Stilwerk building, which is a “hotspot for international design”.   Stilwerk brings together “a world of premium branded products in the interior décor and living sectors”.   Savoir Beds are delighted to be included in the “comprehensive roster of premier international manufacturers including all major names from classic to avantgarde.”

To celebrate the opening of Savoir Beds latest showroom, the ‘Best of British’ was brought Germany in the form of Wimbledon! Pimms was served alongside the traditional strawberries and cream all in the luxurious Savoir Beds showroom setting.

Guests were given the opportunity to forget about football and the world cup for one night and take part in quintessentially British activities at the same time as getting acquainted with the Savoir brand.

The tennis themed open evening was a great success, with guests being served by tennis players in their ‘tennis whites’ and even being awarded prizes from a Savoir umpire!

For more information on Savoir Beds Dusseldorf please contact +49 (0)2 11 86 22 87 50 or visit our website.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Savoir Beds showroom manager Peter Robinson has recently made the move from London to Dusseldorf, setting up our new showroom in the Stilwerk building.

Here, in his first diary entry, Peter explains what it is like to be the proud owner of a Savoir Bed!

I waited five and a half years …and, when it happened, it was worth every minute.

I finally spent the night on a Savoir Mattress and Topper and now I know what all the fuss is about.

They’re not just easy on the eye – they’re soothing to the soul. The minute I lay on that sumptuous Topper I melted into it like warm chocolate and then …nothing! …The next thing I knew it was the following morning.

I thought I would oversleep but I woke up early, feeling bright and refreshed, and just lay there as if luxuriating in a hot bath.

I feel great! I swear I’m six inches taller now - with a full head of hair - and it gets me thinking:

A good night’s sleep is not a privilege, it’s our birthright. Sleep is universal. We all need it to survive (apart from Peter Stringfellow). It’s our common denominator.

And I’m about to take on the mission to sell a Savoir Bed to everyone in the World.

Peter Robinson

Showroom Manager, Savoir Beds Dusseldorf.

 For more information on Savoir Beds Düsseldorf please contact Showroom Manager Peter Robinson on +49 (0)2 11 86 22 87 50.  Help us celebrate the opening of Savoir Beds Dusseldorf on Wednesday 26th June at 6pm at the Stilwerk centre, where we will bring you the best of the British Summer!

Monday, 16 June 2014


Last week, Alistair Hughes, Managing Director of Savoir Beds went to visit John Galvin Design in Glasgow.

As part of the Walpole’s crafted programmes Alistair acts as John’s Mentor.

“Crafted is a mentoring programme passionate about connecting the skills of those who have built successful businesses with those who have the potential to do so.

Crafted has been developed by Walpole and Arts & Business to enable emerging craft businesses to develop their business skills while connecting luxury businesses with a new generation of skilled craftsmen, and promoting the craft component in luxury in a fresh, contemporary and sustainable way”

Whilst at John Galvin design, Alistair was able to see first hand their fabulous workshop and beautiful furniture – including an exquisite whisky cabinet, as well as meeting Eddie the dog!

"As mentors to the Crafted class of 2014, these experts from across the craft and luxury industries will provide one-to-one advice and coaching, helping their respective mentees to take their businesses to the next commercial level. These supremely skilled craftsmen are Britain's luxury brands of tomorrow and we look forward to seeing them become firmly established as future major players in the global luxury market.” Michelle Emmerson, Walpole's Managing Director. 


Monday, 9 June 2014


For over a century, Savoir Beds has set the benchmark for the world’s most luxurious, hand-crafted beds, providing clients with the ultimate in deep, restorative sleep.

“To inspire our customers and show them what could be done” Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds, invited Mary Fox-Linton to participate on first in a series of the ‘In Bed with Savoir’ project.

Savoir Beds are delighted to have collaborated with Mary Fox-Linton who, with over 30 years’ experience, has remained at the forefront of design and innovation and has won the admiration of many professionals in her field.

“This project presents itself as a fantastic opportunity to design something special and different due to the beauty and quality of Savoir’s craftsmanship.  One of the many aspects that I most enjoy about working with Savoir is that their beds are really sublimely comfortable.”

The Mary Fox-Linton bed features bespoke linen textiles from Claremont in shades of burnt amber and cream, encased in a vast rectangular Holly Hunt leather frame with stud nailing to finish.

The next phase of the ‘In Bed with Savoir project will be followed’ with designs by Nicky Haslam and Jane Churchill.

Savoir Beds bespoke production means that all beds can be tailored to suit individual clients.  For more information or to see the Mary Fox-Linton Bed please contact our Savoir Kings Road showroom on 020 7731 1293.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


This year Savoir has collaborated with four of the most brilliant minds in 21st century design to dream up a unique Savoir Bed.

The wait is finally over and the Virginia White designer bed has been unveiled and launched in London.

Virginia White has an interior design practice in London specialising in quirky and innovative design to create unique interiors for discerning clients.

With extensive knowledge of the art world she also advises on the purchase and arrangement of 20th Century fine art and ‘modern classic’ pieces as well as recently launching her own range of fabrics and furniture.

Virginia White’s bed is a crisp and elegant design in an indisputably contemporary style.  Upholstered in horse hair from John Boyd Textiles and accompanied by hand silk screen printed cushions.

"Every designer wants to design for the best, and Savoir Beds simply are the best. So I am hugely honoured to be able too work with them on this bed”

Soon to follow in the next phase of the project will be designs by Nicky Haslam and Jane Churchill.

Savoir Beds bespoke production means that all beds can be tailored to suit individual clients.  For more information or to see the Virginia White bed please contact our Savoir Harrods Showroom on 020 7225 0227.