Wednesday, 30 October 2013


As part of our BRITISH SATURDAY series of events in Germany we are happy to announce the BENTLEY FRIENDS & CO event that will take place on the 9th and 10th of November at the Bentley Showroom in Dusseldorf. Set amongst these beautiful British cars a Savoir Beds master craftsman will be demonstrating how the iconic Savoir No1 mattress is made. **

Wer höchste Ansprüche an Qualität legt, ist bei uns seit jeher an der richtigen Adresse. Unsere Leidenschaft für individuelle Produkte und den unbedingten Willen zu erstklassiger Qualität teilen wir mit einigen ausgesuchten Partnern.
Savoir Beds Berlin und Savoir Beds Ltd präsentieren sich bei Bentley Friends & Co am 9. und 10. November 2013 im Bentley Showroom Düsseldorf - nur für geladene Gäste.

Journalisten melden sich bitte bei Paula Velinor, Savoir Beds London, Tel: 00 44 2088386660, oder per e-mail:


**Invite Only
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mattress Care

Your bed is probably used much more than any other item you own; moreover, it is not used evenly, as you habitually sleep and sit on particular areas. Savoir Beds uses the finest natural materials and construction techniques but it is essential that you maintain the bed to get the best from it.

A Savoir Bed will provide outstanding comfort for many years, provided you take good care of it. The same or similar care can apply to any mattress to prolong its durability and comfort.

The most important requirement is that you spread the wear and allow the natural materials to settle evenly. Unless you do this, the hair and wool will settle only in the areas you sleep, creating dips which, in turn, will deepen as you will naturally tend to sleep in them.

To avoid problems, turn your topper every time you change your sheets, and turn your mattress monthly. This allows the fillings to settle evenly, as the pressure is spread much more equally on the bottom surface than on the upper surface. It also allows the fillings to air.

*Be careful: our mattresses are heavy and should not be bent, so the job will require two people.

To download the complete mattress care guide or if you are setting up or moving your Savoir bed see

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

At Savoir Beds we believe the quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep and, by extension, that of your waking hours. However the cure for sleep difficulties can often be found in your daily routine. Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and day-to-day lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference to the quality of your nightly rest.

The following tips will help you optimize your sleep so you can be productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long.
Keep regular hours. Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time, all the time, will programme your body to sleep better. Being consistent reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle—your circadian rhythm—is one of the most important strategies for achieving good sleep.

Create a restful sleeping environment. Your bedroom should be kept for rest and sleep and it should be neither too hot, nor too cold; and as quiet and dark as possible. It is a long-established fact that we sleep better, with longer stretches of REM sleep, when our bodies are able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Research by Woolmark has shown that animal fibres such as horse tail, lambswool and cashmere breathe well and make excellent mattress fillings. Synthetic fibres, latex and memory foams breathe less well, encourage sweating and deteriorate over time.

Make sure your bed is comfortable.
Ensure that your mattress is comfortable and supportive. Use comfortable pillows and bedlinen and make the room attractive and inviting for sleep.
A Savoir mattress is designed to keep your spine correctly aligned. Unlike memory foam, it moves with you and responds instantly. Our pocket springs are hand-tied, not glued, so can move independently: this means that your hips and shoulders can sink into the mattress while your lower back remains supported. The curve-cushioning micro-springs of our hair fillings complete the comfort.

Get more exercise. Regular, moderate exercise such as swimming or walking can help relieve the day’s stresses and strains. Regular physical activity can promote better sleep, helping you to fall asleep faster and to enjoy deeper sleep. Timing is important, though. If you exercise too close to bedtime, you might be too energized to fall asleep. If this seems to be an issue for you, exercise earlier in the day.

Cut down on stimulants such as caffeine in tea or coffee – especially in the evening. They interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep sleep. Have a hot milky drink or herbal tea instead.

Don’t over-indulge. Too much food or alcohol, especially late at night, just before bedtime, can play havoc with sleep patterns. Alcohol may help you fall asleep initially, but will interrupt your sleep later on in the night. Don’t smoke: smokers take longer to fall asleep, wake more often and often experience more sleep disruption.

Relax before going to bed.
If you make a consistent effort to relax and unwind before bed, you will sleep easier and more deeply. A peaceful bedtime routine sends a powerful signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down and let go of the day’s stresses. Have a warm bath, listen to some quiet music, do some yoga – all help to relax both the mind and body. Deal with worries or a heavy workload by making lists of things to be tackled the next day.

If you can’t sleep, don’t lie there worrying about it. Get up and do something you find relaxing until you feel sleepy again – then go back to bed.

Nearly everyone has an occasional sleepless night — but if you often have trouble sleeping, contact your doctor. Identifying and treating any underlying causes can help you get the better sleep you deserve.


Monday, 21 October 2013


On Saturday the 19th of October Savoir Beds  held its first British Saturday event, at Stilwerks Berlin. Along side the "handmade in Germany" event taking place at Stilwerk over the weekend Savoir Beds, in collaboration with Brit Cars Riller & Schnauck, celebrated the best of British luxury and craftsmanship.
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new collaboration with Nicole Fuller Interiors.

Award-winning interior designer, Nicole Fuller is known for her dramatic sense of style and an unwavering taste for luxury.  Her exclusive creation for Savoir is known as the “Talia” bed.  The name refers to the heroine of an old Italian fairytale, which would later be known as “Sleeping Beauty.” The Talia headboard features beautiful lines and a slight dip in the center, while nearly 500 square grommets, one of Fuller’s trademark decorative elements, are used to finish the bed.  This is the first time Fuller has used grommets on loose valances, giving them weight and holding the valance perfectly in place.  Both the headboard and French inverted pleats surrounding the base of the bed are made with Loro Piana cashmere, widely regarded as the most luxurious cashmere in the world.  Designed to enhance Savoir’s famed luxury sleep experience, the bed is compatible with any of Savoir’s four core mattress models.

    “This design pulls from various personal inspirations.  The grommets hearken back to vintage Coco Chanel, while the shape of the headboard is a tribute to the well-known architect John Lautner.  My own life-long love of fashion is also apparent in the chic design,” said Nicole Fuller, owner and principal, Nicole Fuller Interiors.  “This bed was designed to evoke a sense of romance, comfort and sumptuous luxury, a perfect pairing for Savoir’s hand-crafted mattresses, which are also works of art.”

“We are honored that Nicole is helping us to celebrate the Savoir lifestyle with the creation of a true sleep sanctuary,” said Savoir Beds Managing Director Alistair Hughes.  “Nicole’s designs are exquisite as they seamlessly layer contemporary and traditional elements.  That’s key for Savoir – as we pair our legendary British heritage and craftsmanship with a modern look.  The end result is sure to be the most beloved piece of furniture in the home.”

This collaboration was launched with an event in the our New York showroom on the 15th of October 2013.

  Photography by Jonathan Hökklo ©SavoirBeds


Sehr geehrte Liebhaber der feinen Lebensart,
gern möchten wir Sie zum Start einer neuen Tradition einladen, welche fortan den Namen „British Saturday“ trägt.
Savoir Beds und BritCars Riller & Schnauck präsentieren Ihnen gemeinsam die exklusive britische Lebensart und bereichern mit „handmade in UK“ die Design Meile im stilwerk Berlin am kommenden Wochenende.
Peter Robinson, Schlafexperte und waschechter Brite, führt Sie gern in das Reich des luxuriösen Schlafes und wir verwöhnen Sie mit typisch britischen Köstlichkeiten.
Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, am 18. und 19. Oktober 2013 in der Zeit von 10 – 19 Uhr im stilwerk Berlin in der Kantstr. 17, 10623 Berlin bei Savoir Beds im Erdgeschoss vorbeizuschauen.
Parkplätze sind in unserer Tiefgarage vorhanden. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch! Savoir Beds und BritCars Riller & Schnauck

Monday, 7 October 2013

West Edge Design Fair

From the 3rd to the 6th of October Savoir Beds was on display at West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica, CA. The fair featured a curated selection of 150 leading national and international brands offering design inspiration for interior and exterior environments. Savoir Beds stand displayed two bed models and offered a relaxed environment for visitors to try out the luxury and comfort of our beds.