Monday, 21 November 2016

Pampered Pooch: The New Pet Snug

According to new research recently commissioned by American Express, one in 10 dog owners spend money on pampering their pooch every week. More than a third of UK owners will buy their dog a birthday cake and 59% will buy them a gift on their big day!

As luxury bed craftsman, we have designed the ultimate dog bed for those pampered pooches. The new Pet Snug is handcrafted in the Savoir London ‘bedworks’ with the same precise craftsmanship and natural materials used for all our beds and mattresses.
Spooky, the Savoir Office Dog, in the Pet Snug

This new design provides a cosy enclosed space to keep pets warm in the winter with a soft washable fleece cushion cover for ultimate comfort and practicality, creating the ultimate bed for doggy dreaming. Spooky, the Savoir office dog, pictured above doing just that!

Due to the bespoke nature of the Snug, Savoir Beds is able to create it in any size or colour; the craftsman will start work on the Snug once an order has been made.
The Pet Snug in gold Lelievre velvet and Larsen geometric print

Pictured here, upholstered in luscious velvet by Lelievre, Cosmos in Ecaille 383/41 and the interior featuring a small scale geometric by Larsen, Adams in Black L9089-07. This scheme can be recreated or alternative fabrics can be chosen with the help of Savoir’s showroom teams. 

An engraved brass plaque also adorns the design, the perfect finishing touch to the luxury dog bed, ensuring ‘man’s bed friend’ sleeps beautifully. 

Spot the dog...A versatile dog bed with the option to sleep in it or on top of it!


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