Thursday, 18 August 2016

Top Tips: Giving Your Bedroom a Trend Overall

So far this year, Savoir Beds has seen a range of fantastic trends that can be tweaked to fit with any bedroom setting. Here are a few of our favourite 2016 designs, to take your bedroom from dated to daring!


Blue hues:
In the past months we have seen an increasing appetite for furniture upholstered in different tones of blue. From pastel to electric tones this choice of colour is here to stay. Take our navy Winston bed for example, pairing the deep blue with highly polished gold legs creates a strikingly sophisticated and modern style. Alternatively, mix a lighter grey-blue shade with distressed silver for a more contemporary, industrial feel. 


Back to basics:
If you’re not ready to take the plunge into funky fabrics and crazy colours we suggest a more contemporary, paired-back style. Rather than piling on the patterns, you could instead opt for stripping them away completely and making your statement with a more interestingly shaped headboard for example. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a minimalist bed design has to be a white - a subtle oat colour, or soft grey will suggest a relaxed, modern vibe which is very inviting. 

As for the headboard, choose something with an less traditional shape with the neutral colour palette, or for a truly Scandinavian style, stick to a more streamlined, linear headboard, like our Ian bed, to further heighten this style. 


Curves and contrasts:
2016 has brought with it our newfound appreciation of curved furniture, a shape so simplistic yet still not used enough in the bedroom. Perhaps a little daunting at first, this style can actually be incorporated with ease -creating a playful, yet sophisticated aesthetic. 

One of our newest designs, Amelia, is a perfect match for this trend, and is very easy to style. The stunning headboard curves inwards on either end to create a cosy and very striking design. The beds majestic presence is softened using a dusty pink upholstery fabric to adorn its unique shape. To further enhance the look, pair this curved style of bed with some bright clashing cushions or perhaps a bedside table in a contrasting emerald green!

Have you noticed any other bed trends? We'd love to hear them! Tweet us @SavoirBeds1905!

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