Friday, 4 March 2016

A bed for every pet!

Here at Savoir, we believe that all creatures great and small deserve the best sleep possible - so we've created several specially designed pet beds to provide the best possible comfort!

So far we've had mostly canine clients - but recently made a pet topper for a tortoise! 

Check out some of our favourite Savoir pets below.

Greenish the tortoise 

Greenish the tortoise 

Greenish the tortoise 

Savoir's office dog - Spooky

Journalist Kate Spicer's dog - Wolfy

Virginia White's Dog - Moss 

Virginia White's Dog - Moss 

Leo - Philip Gorrivan's dog 

Do you have a pampered pet? Send us your sleeping animal pics! We'd love to see them! @savoirbeds1905. 

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