Friday, 4 September 2015

Summer Fun with Savoir Beds!

The whole gang with the ice cream van
Last Friday marked the annual Savoir Beds summer social, with the teams in London and Cardiff joining for a day of sunshine and fun!

The mighty tug-of-war!
The Welsh team arrived at the London bedworks by mini-bus at around 10.30am, and were all ready for the day ahead! Before lunch, we showed off our strengths in an enormous tug-of-war, which spanned right across the Savoir bed floor! Mixed teams of 5 battled it out to the end, and eventually our winners were crowned and triumphant!

Mike and his famous BBQ!
One of our craftsmen, Mike, is famous for his delicious Caribbean style BBQ, and he kindly agreed to cater the event. Serving up a spicy mix of jerk chicken, curried goat and foil wrapped salmon, it's safe to say no one went hungry... or thirsty for that matter!

Everyone enjoying an ice cream
For desert, we welcomed our very own ice cream truck! We all enjoyed a 99 ice cream, and some of us even got a turn at serving the sweet treats!

Charley tries her hand at serving ice cream
All in all it was a fantastic day, and the perfect opportunity to join forces with our Welsh bedworks team! It also looks like last Friday was the last of London's summer sunshine!

The team in the marquee
Some of the Savoir team after lunch
What do you do to socialise in the workplace? Do you have an annual event? We'd love to hear what you get up to! Tweet us at @savoirbeds1905.


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