Friday, 18 September 2015

Decorex 2015: Part one

With Decorex kicking off tomorrow, we've been busy getting our stunning stand up to scratch!

The team setting up the stand...
Showcasing a strikingly stark stand, we are planning to play with clever lighting and optical illusions - contrasting a seemingly minimal backdrop with the luxury and detail of our beds. Presenting two new and very different designs, we are really hoping to stun our visitors - below is a sneaky preview of what's to come - but you'll have to sit tight a little longer for full pictures! Watch this space!

How many Savoir staff to screw in a lightbulb?

Firstly, our luxurious snow leopard Harlech bed features a subtle silhouette, contrasted with a leopard print design. Adopting a hair-on-hide fabric by Alma Leather, we think this design will perfectly illustrate the luxury in natural, traditional materials.

Alma Leather's Snow Leopard hair-on-hide

Also on display, the sophisticated Bacchus print Felix bed is a nod to the classic, featuring a stunning digital print by Zardi + Zardi. Showcasing Bacchus, God of Wine & Agriculture, the bed nods to the luxury to be found in hand-sourced, natural materials - like the Argentinian horsetail used in each of our beds!

Zardi + Zardi's 'Procession of Bacchus'

We can't wait to see lots of you at Decorex next week - we hope you like our latest designs!

Going to Decorex? Tweet us! We'd love to hear your thoughts! @SavoirBeds1905


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