Friday, 7 August 2015

Insider Secrets: Savoir No1

As a bespoke, luxury company, we use a range of techniques to ensure our beds provide the best possible night's sleep. Many people ask, what makes a Savoir bed so special? We believe this is a combination of the craftsmanship exercised by our bedworks team, alongside the smorgasbord of natural materials we choose to use.

Our No1 bed is designed to be the crème de la crème of luxury - so with this in mind, we wanted to share with you what goes into its creation.

To begin with; the mattress. The main material we use to make our No1 mattress so plush is horsetail. Sourced from Argentina, we believe this hair is the King of upholstery fabrics. The hair comes to Savoir in long rope (above) and is then put through our carding machine and pulled and teased until it becomes springy and curled (below) - adding extra bounce to our beds.

The horse hair is used throughout all of our beds, but features all throughout a No1 -  in the topper, mattress and base. We then sandwich this between cotton and wool, and side stitch it together by hand to create a lovely layered mattress. It's then finished with our signature Savoir trellis ticking.

Our No1 bedset includes one of our famous HCa mattress toppers (above) - HCa stands for Horsetail and Cashmere - the height of luxury! The HCa topper includes two sumptuous layers of horsetail, for optimum performance and a super soft pure cashmere outer layer - all encased in a natural case of 100% cotton fabric!

Lastly, but not least, the No1 boxspring. Handcrafted from beech wood, our craftsmen use traditional dovetail joints in each of our bed bases. In terms of the springs, we use 22.5cm hourglass springs, which are secured independently - hand tied using a hand-tied eight-way star lashing technique! (seen on the last layer above). We also use a roll of hair around the edge of the base, to stop protect our mattresses over time and stop the fillings from wearing down. To round it all off, we use a loose hair and cotton top filling to cover the base. 

All in all a Savoir No1 bed takes our craftsmen 120+ hours to make. As you can see, the level of detail is astonishing, with several plush layers creating the overall comfort of the design.

With every single part of the bed handcrafted and made with care, we are happy to guarantee our beds for 25 years!

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