Friday, 14 August 2015

Beds With Bounce

Here at Savoir we believe in only the best, which is why we go as far as to make our mattress pocket springs on site here in London!

Our mattress pocket springs encased in calico
While you may think you could use just any spring to produce the same amount of comfort our beds afford, you are mistaken. We have found that the standard springs available do not have as many turns in them, so are just not up to scratch.

The machine that makes our pocket springs
So, with a small (50mm) diameter and a height of 15cm, or 17.5cm, our top-quality steel mattress springs have more turn than most for greater durability, and are made using our very clever machine (above). The springs are then encased in natural calico that enable them to move independently when nested side by side: this allows your hip, for example, to sink in further than your waist, keeping your spine correctly aligned. They also reduce the effects of your partners movements.

The wire that goes in to our pocket springs 
When it comes to mattress tension, the subtle difference in wire width is key. Soft mattresses are made up of 1.25mm wire, medium uses 1.4mm wire, while a firm mattress uses 1.6mm thick wire - these subtle differences really do influence the feel of your bed!

If you would like to know more about our mattress springs, why not Tweet us @SavoirBeds1905.


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