Friday, 21 August 2015

A tour of the Savoir Bedworks

As many of you will know, we handcraft all of our beds on site here in London. However, what you will find in our Bedworks is about as far from a 'factory' you can find. With no loud noise from heavy apparatus, and no conveyor belt of machine made furniture, the only noise you will hear is the cheerful whistle of a workman or a light hammering. We think our Bedworks is a very special place, so with this in mind, we wanted to give you a glance in to Savoir HQ.

The bed floor
The bed floor: Here is where the magic happens, our craftsmen make every step of a Savoir bed by hand, and can be seen doing just that every day. Here, bed frames are topped with horsehair, mattresses are tufted, and headboards are upholstered. Each stage of a bed is carried out in a certain section, by just one craftsmen - who then signed finished article on completion.  

A Savoir craftsmen sanding a headboard
The wood work room: Perhaps the noisiest room in the building, the work shop downstairs sees the creation of bed frames and the crafting of headboards. As you will see above, each headboard is lovingly shaped and carved - to create a bespoke design, while each bedframe is made from scratch by hand. 

The Argentian horsetail in rope form 

The carded horse tail
The carding room: Here at Savoir, we use so much natural horse tail, that we not only have a machine to help us to smooth it out, but we have a whole room to house it! As you will see above, our hair arrives at Savoir from Argentina in rope form, we then use two separate machines to create the springy mattress filler we are famous for. The first machine helps to untie the ropes, while the other effectively brushes it, leaving it extra bouncy and the perfect upholstery fabric! 

The spring machine

The spring machine: Here at Savoir we believe in only the best, which is why we go as far as to make our mattress pocket springs on site! While you may think you could use just any spring to produce the same amount of comfort our beds afford, you are mistaken. We have found that the standard springs available do not have as many turns in them, so are just not up to scratch - so we make our own using a very clever machine (above). 

A Savoir seamstress cutting our signature mattress ticking 
The cutting room: The final room in the Savoir house is the cutting room. Here all of the textiles we use are carefully cut and sewn in to mattress and topper cases, and upholstery textiles for beds. We have several skilled seamstresses at hand to help with this, along with staff who order and check each roll of precious fabric. 

So there you have it, a quick tour of Savoir. Let us know what you think by Tweeting us @savoirbeds1905. 


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