Friday, 22 May 2015

Horsing around

Here at Savoir we use only the finest natural materials to handcraft our luxury beds. One of the most interesting materials used is the Argentinian horse tail we use in each of our bedsets.

We use South American horse tail - as opposed to horse hair, or other cheaper alternatives - as we believe it is the undisputed king of upholstery hair, and we are the only bed company to use it so extensively.  

The horse tail is sent from Argentinia to Switzerland, where it is cleaned and twisted into long, tight rope.

Once untwisted, each long strand holds many curls, resulting in a micro-spring of unparalleled bounce and longevity.  Millions of these hair springs go into just one bed, hand-teased onto the mattress, topper or box spring.  

Naturally hollow like wool, horse tail wicks away moisture and helps regulate your temperature for a supremely comfortable night's sleep.

Contact our showroom teams for more information on horse tail, or any of the other natural materials that go into our beds. 

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