Thursday, 23 April 2015

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

We're all relieved to see the weather in the UK finally warming up. With blue skies, lighter evenings and no need for a winter coat, we can finally welcome summer with open arms. While this season is lovely in so many ways, we also need to think about our sleep routine throughout the coming months. Temperature regulation is hugely important in getting a good night's sleep, and can mean the difference between a good and bad bedtime! With this in mind, here are our top tips for keeping cool in the summer.

1) Natural materials

Using natural animal fibres, like horse tail, helps your bed to breathe and wick away any moisture cultivated during the night. We sweat almost two pints every single night, which means that a lot of moisture goes directly into your bed. These materials tend to be naturally hollow, wicking away moisture and helps regulate your temperature for a supremely comfortable night's sleep.

2) Better bedding

Using cheap, man made materials in your bed linen can trap heat and make you very hot in the tight. While it is tempting to get a good deal and spend less on your sheets, we recommend splashing out a bit and investing in Egyptian cotton linen, which is more breathable and is also luxuriously soft!

3) The perfect position

We all sleep differently, and have different habits when it comes to bedtime. However, if you are finding you are too hot to drift off, this may be linked to the position you sleep in. Sleeping in the lateral position (on your side) can help to stay cool, as it means you are not fully compressed against the warm mattress and your body faces far more cool air.

4) Take the heat

Many of us may not realise that spicy food can have a great impact on your night time body temperature. When we consume hot food close to bedtime, it takes far longer for our bodies to regulate and cool down, meaning that you could be left sweaty between the sheets. Plainer, neutral foods will allow your temperature to cool as it is supposed to when you enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

5) Bedtime bath

You may think that taking a long hot bath right before bedtime would make your temperature rocket. While your temperature will be high while you are soaking in the tub, when you get out and dry off, your temperature will immediately plummet. This could make it easier to drop off to sleep, as your temperature will continue to drop gradually following its rise.


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