Thursday, 26 March 2015

Photoshoot: MC Motors

This week we were on set at MC Motors, one of Castle Gibson’s stunning locations.

Shooting our latest range of bespoke beds, the warehouse-style location has lent a beautiful backdrop, which truly accentuates the beauty of our beds.

Renowned interiors photographer, Damien Russell, was on site snapping each bed, and took some truly breathtaking shots!

As you can see in these behind-the-scenes images, the shabby-chic style of the site really contrasted well with the opulence of our beds. We loved the industrial feel of MC Motors; it oozes character and natural charm with the skylighted roof providing an abundance of glorious natural light.

We’re very eager to see the final photographs from our new shoot! As you can see here, there are some really exciting new designs set to be unveiled over the coming months!

Watch this space!


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