Friday, 13 March 2015

Food for a better snooze

Last week, we celebrated National Bed Month with a visit from chartered physiotherapist and sleep expert, Sammy Margo.

As promised, we are set to share regular video guides, which we believe will help you get the best sleep possible.

In our first video, Sammy Margo offers her advice on the best foods to help you snooze. As you’ll see, the foods recommended aren't necessarily what you would expect, with snacks like turkey and Marmite coming top of the list. Sammy will explain what makes a good ‘sleepy snack’ and the reason behind this.

In her book, ‘The Good Sleep Guide’ Sammy also warns against eating a big meal before bedtime, but notes that many sleepers choose to ignore this and believe that a big meal will help us to get to sleep by exhausting our body as it tries to digest it. However, research actually found that this does the opposite – with a large meal meaning that our circulatory system needs to work harder to move more blood to our digestive tract, and to secrete more gastric acid. All this hard work is actually anything but relaxing!

It’s best to eat a larger meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal in the evening, letting your body rest, rather than forcing it to digest!


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