Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Visit to our Cardiff Bedworks

Three of us from the Savoir Beds London Bedworks rolled in to Taff’s Well train station, and as expected, it was cold, rainy and overcast…ick.

…but, let’s just say ‘the fog lifted’ once we saw our Savoir Beds van waiting to wisk us off to the Bedworks for lunch and proper tour.

At Savoir, we make four models of bed, two of which are made exclusively at our Cardiff Bedworks location.  These are our No3 and No4 models.

The three of us trying our hand at inserting a brass air vent
The three of us had a lovely day chatting with the team and quite a few of the craftsmen – and even tried our hands at tufting a mattress and attaching a brass air vent, like a grommet, to our mattress fabric.

Thank you to the Cardiff Bedworks team for a lovely day (and our pillows!)

All in all, it was a great day – we said goodbye to the team under umbrellas in the spray-like rain and got back on the ‘little’ train at Taff’s Well back to London.

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