Friday, 5 September 2014

Nicky Haslam Gets Cosy with Savoir Beds

“British Luxury at its finest – Savoir Beds collaborates with Nicky Haslam to launch his eponymous bed at Harrods, in conjunction with the LondonDesign Festival 2014.”

SavoirBeds is thrilled to announce a collaboration with world renowned interior designer, Nicky Haslam.  As part of Savoir’s continued commitment to excellence and the finest design led partnerships, we are thrilled to present the ‘Nicky Haslam Bed’ within iconic London department store, Harrods.

The Nicky Haslam collaboration marks one of the hand-picked designers Savoir has teamed up with this year to create an inspired and innovative range of Savoir beds.  The list of designers boast Virginia White, Jane Churchill and Mary Fox Linton. This line of designer collaborations are an addition to Savoir’s existing range of headboards as managing director Alistair Hughes explains, “We wanted to spark things up a bit, to inspire our customers and show them what could be done.”

The headboard is opulent and truly luxurious in a beautiful ‘Martora Arancio’ Rubelli velvet. Subtly glamorous, yet instantaneously recognisable, reflecting Nicky’s aesthetic. The ‘Martora Ebano’ upholstered base perfectly centres and elongates the stunning headboard creating a true sense of linear fluidity throughout the design.  Lastly, the gold leaf paint encapsulates the curved detailing found at the top of the headboard.

A match made in heaven thanks to Nicky’s design credentials and Savoir’s reputation for luxury, the collaborative bed will be available to view from September at the Harrods showroom.  Nicky’s bed is a one of a kind piece which can be recreated with Savoir’s showroom teams from £12,470.

Visit the Nicky Bed in our Harrods showroom, London. 3rd Floor
For further information and high resolution images, please contact:


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