Tuesday, 5 August 2014


In their efforts to offer their guests the best-possible night's sleep, the founders of London's prestigious Savoy Hotel left no mattress unturned.  In 1905, on a mission to provide his guests with the ultimate night’s sleep, owner Richard D’Oyly Carte commissioned ‘The Savoy Bed’ to realise his vision.

The Savoy was the birth place of Savoir Beds. Now, 125 years later, Savoir Beds can still be found in Savoy Hotel rooms to this very day. 

To mark the 125th Anniversary of the opening of The Savoy, and in celebration of this momentous year, The Savoy asked Savoir Beds to design a special bed for the occasion.  Thus, Savoir Beds have created ‘The Savoy Anniversary Bed’ that truly embodies the spirit of The Savoy.

The Savoy Anniversary Bed is inspired by the 1920 and 30s, the heyday of glamour, jazz and film stars at The Savoy. At no time in the history of The Savoy was its tempo faster or the mood more feverish than during the 1920s. Fred Astaire, Alfred Hitchcock, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant were all frequent visitors to name but a few.

Visually, the bed echoes the slim elegant lines of 1920s design and has a futuristic 'Flash Gordon' look with the use of sharp angles and metallic bronze silk. The shape of the bed is emphasised by the deliberate use of a single fabric to upholster the whole bed including the legs.

The anniversary bed has been beautifully photographed in The Savoy's famous Beaufort Bar - images of which can be found in Savoir Bed’s international print advertising campaign this year.

This collaboration provided a great opportunity for Savoir Beds to celebrate The Savoy anniversary with clients and to tell the story of such a long-standing association with this iconic hotel.




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