Thursday, 10 July 2014


Savoir Beds Shanghai recently took part in a two day Public Art Show display at the Jingan Kerry Centre.

During these days, there was a family event held.  The “I have a dream…” event was attended by over 30 families.

Children signed on the art display board with their handprints instead of names, along with their parents’.  The “Full of happiness” board was about to overflow!

Each of the children was invited to paint whatever they thought represented their dreams. Several outstanding works were picked out and the winner and given a small prize.

Children also got the chance to meet Snow White, who was sleeping beautifully on a Savoir Bed. Smiling, jumping and singing one little girl could be heard to say “I’m the princess! I should have a bed like this!”

Besides those families invited to take part in our activity, as it was a public art show many passers by also stopped by to find out what was going on.   Savoir Beds were pleased to allow children to jump and play on the bed, which caused great curiosity to the public who thought such an expensive exhibit should have been protected!

The event was a great success with many happy parents and children!

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