Monday, 16 June 2014


Last week, Alistair Hughes, Managing Director of Savoir Beds went to visit John Galvin Design in Glasgow.

As part of the Walpole’s crafted programmes Alistair acts as John’s Mentor.

“Crafted is a mentoring programme passionate about connecting the skills of those who have built successful businesses with those who have the potential to do so.

Crafted has been developed by Walpole and Arts & Business to enable emerging craft businesses to develop their business skills while connecting luxury businesses with a new generation of skilled craftsmen, and promoting the craft component in luxury in a fresh, contemporary and sustainable way”

Whilst at John Galvin design, Alistair was able to see first hand their fabulous workshop and beautiful furniture – including an exquisite whisky cabinet, as well as meeting Eddie the dog!

"As mentors to the Crafted class of 2014, these experts from across the craft and luxury industries will provide one-to-one advice and coaching, helping their respective mentees to take their businesses to the next commercial level. These supremely skilled craftsmen are Britain's luxury brands of tomorrow and we look forward to seeing them become firmly established as future major players in the global luxury market.” Michelle Emmerson, Walpole's Managing Director.