Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Savoir Beds showroom manager Peter Robinson has recently made the move from London to Dusseldorf, setting up our new showroom in the Stilwerk building.

Here, in his first diary entry, Peter explains what it is like to be the proud owner of a Savoir Bed!

I waited five and a half years …and, when it happened, it was worth every minute.

I finally spent the night on a Savoir Mattress and Topper and now I know what all the fuss is about.

They’re not just easy on the eye – they’re soothing to the soul. The minute I lay on that sumptuous Topper I melted into it like warm chocolate and then …nothing! …The next thing I knew it was the following morning.

I thought I would oversleep but I woke up early, feeling bright and refreshed, and just lay there as if luxuriating in a hot bath.

I feel great! I swear I’m six inches taller now - with a full head of hair - and it gets me thinking:

A good night’s sleep is not a privilege, it’s our birthright. Sleep is universal. We all need it to survive (apart from Peter Stringfellow). It’s our common denominator.

And I’m about to take on the mission to sell a Savoir Bed to everyone in the World.

Peter Robinson

Showroom Manager, Savoir Beds Dusseldorf.

 For more information on Savoir Beds Düsseldorf please contact Showroom Manager Peter Robinson on +49 (0)2 11 86 22 87 50.  Help us celebrate the opening of Savoir Beds Dusseldorf on Wednesday 26th June at 6pm at the Stilwerk centre, where we will bring you the best of the British Summer!


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