Wednesday, 22 January 2014



Our Savoir Beds showroom in Shanghai recently held their first High Tea event.

With a dedicated tutor for activities such as flower arranging and silk flower making, the guests had an excellent time learning new skills and enjoying the luxurious showroom setting.

By taking part in these activities our clients were able to appreciate the value of the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a Savoir Bed.

Even with all the master classes on offer, our Savoir Beds proved too much to resist! 

“I’m now lying on the most wonderful and luxurious bed in the entire world!”

Our guests couldn’t wait to try out the Savoir range and gave into temptation, experiencing the prestigious beds for themselves.

Events like this allow Savoir to educate clients on healthy sleep, and for guests to explore the quality of a Savoir Bed.

The beds seemed to go down a treat with our clients, “I have never tried such a comfortable bed! So amazing! I must tell my friends!”

After a busy day in the showroom a lie down in a sumptuous Savoir seemed the perfect way to recharge…


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