Tuesday, 14 January 2014



Savoir Beds are renowned for crafting prestigious and luxurious beds, and so to accompany them of course we offer a fittingly luxurious range of accessories!

Now you can treat your Savoir bed to the opulence that it deserves by investing in a sumptuous eiderdown…

With the cold weather and wintery conditions we have been faced with this year, beat those January blues with a ‘Mollissima’ Arctic Eiderdown.

Banish the chill in the air by keeping your body temperature regulated with this must have accessory.  This extravagant eiderdown owes its luxury to the exceptional quality down from the Eider duck.

The Eider duck lives in cold Polar Regions such as Greenland and Iceland.  During the breeding season the female eider ducks have to protect their eggs from freezing temperatures.  They achieve this protection by padding their nest with the down from their own chest.

It is this down that has special characteristics that not only protect the eider ducks young – but will offer Savoir clientele undreamed of levels of comfort and luxury!  Filled with 100% class 1 Arctic new Eiderdown, you will find nothing superior for your sleep.

The down form the Eider duck has a unique structure that results in exceptional thermal performance.  A high capacity of hand picked down ensures that this eiderdown has the finest filling in the world!

Keep insulated in 2014 with your very own ‘Mollissima’ luxury eiderdown. 

With prices starting from £4,700 for a standard double, if you make one extravagant purchase this year, make sure it is from Savoir.


A deluxe addition to any model of Savoir Beds, these exceptional quality eiderdowns are available to purchase through our showrooms.  Order yours today!




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