Monday, 23 September 2013


This year’s Savoir Beds stand at Decorex  - D25, displays their hugely elaborate royal bed next to one of Savoir’s most simple, yet beautiful designs.  Thus paying tribute to the truly bespoke and highly skilled craftsmanship that Savoir Beds offers. Specialising in luxury bespoke beds hand-made in Britain, Savoir Beds is the bed makers of choice for interior designers.  Each and every Savoir bed is made from scratch to the highest and most exacting specifications.
The full 3M-high royal bed exhibited next to the modest proportions of the ‘Harlech’ bed, showcases the range of different designs that Savoir Beds can deliver.  M.D. Alistair Hughes comments “the sky is the limit in terms of both design and making here at Savoir Beds.  Our recent creation of the royal bed, which is showcased here at Decorex next to one of our latest modern designs shows the extremes to which we reach.  Consequentially we have an excellent partnership with interior designers.  Via our 60 strong team of master craftsmen there is no challenge too great!”


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