Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Earlier this year in September, Stefan & Tanja, our German clients received their Savoir No2 bed set fitted into a beautiful, 100 year old, Jugendstil bed-frame they previously owned.

Their story started months before when they contacted one of our London showrooms with their particular request. “I can guarantee that we did not get such a competent and profound answer from any other long-established bedworks we sent our request to’ says Tanja.

After their initial contact Stefan & Tanja visited the German showroom and tried the different bed models, they decided the No2 was the perfect fit for them. They chose the tension they preferred on their mattress and discussed all the details with the Savoir staff.

Later they came to the London bedworks to see their frame had arrived ok and to meet the craftsmen that would be making their bed. “ To visit the factory in Old Oak Lane was a great experience for both of us. We were amazingly impressed by the calmness, the space and the pleasant atmosphere the factory provides” says Stefan. They enjoyed a tour of the factory and saw how a each part of their bed would be lovingly hand crafted. They felt such a strong connection with TJ, mattress maker, they requested he make their mattress.

When their bed was delivered they were delighted with the results and sent Savoir the photos of their bed in its new home. “... it is a dream ... we are very grateful to all of you, who were taking part in creating our new bed and caring for our good sleep” says Tanja.

As always we are happy to hear from satisfied clients and we wanted to share this ‘story of a bed’ that came together thanks to the clients wishes to revive a beautiful bed frame and the skilled craftsmanship of the Savoir master bedmakers.


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